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Do you have a bunch of team mates who are fair-weather friends?

Is your executive team all “yes” but with no punch?

Are you getting the support and critical feedback needed to be a leader?

It is my strongly held belief, that accountable conversations are the lifeblood of great teams and it is the responsibility of everyone within that team to have them.

After witnessing the behaviour of some of my sport club members, following selection for a national championships, I have been thinking a lot about the type of support we should give our team mates. What has become quickly apparent to me, is that all of this applies in a business environment too.

So, answer this question truthfully….

After receiving negative and emotionally tough feedback e.g. below than expected results, not getting picked in the team, not hitting targets etc. do you take it on board and cop it on the chin or do you on-board others with a ‘poor me’ attitude?

It is my view that negativity loves company. Furthermore, it is common to see a team mate jump into the void to ‘soften the blow’ from a life kick in pants, instead of really considering what is the right thing to do.

The problem is, this team mate is just making you weaker.  Whilst it may feel better in the moment to ignore the issue, complain, blame someone else, cover things up, lie or bully others involved to try to get the decision changed, this doesn’t support you to grow, develop and learn from the feedback. Having your team mates also act this way and reinforcing your behaviour, is not how they should be supporting you either, particularly if they genuinely care and are looking out for the best interests of the team.

The thinking that loyalty or support comes in the form of consoling others or un-resourcefully sticking by bad behaviour, results or habits in an attempt to stay connected, is such flawed thinking. Without doubt, it will cost them and you plenty and from a character perspective, it is as weak as piss.

True support comes in the form of holding your team mates to the highest standards. This may be by calling out bad behaviour, challenging poor effort, ensuring they and you learn from mistakes and ensuring you work together to improve and move forward with character.

The most caring and heartfelt thing you can do for someone in this situation, is to help them be successful and support them to build great character.  Don’t get me wrong, this approach can be a tough and lonely place at times, however, it will create relationships that are rock solid and resilient and ones that will not only survive stormy weather, but will thrive in it.

My view is that you are only a great team when you have moved through adversity together and held each other accountable and personally responsible to improve and fix mistakes or behaviours.

My work with businesses, includes supporting leaders to be outstanding by driving accountability and character development. I unapologetically focus on the tough stuff around culture as from my 30 years experience, I can categorically state that will make or break any team.

I will leave you with some simple steps to support setting up an accountable culture and how you can help each other when you get ‘outta line’.  Feel free to get it touch if this resonates with your business and would like to discuss how I could support you.

  • Identify it – are you or those you want to support to be successful, running poor attitudes or effort?
  • Call it – make them aware by having a heart felt conversation. Tough love.
  • Accept it – see it for what it is, just feedback. What if it is true? What happens now counts most.
  • Action it – plan a simple act to move you forward. An apology, pick your mindset, an action.
  • Review it – ask others around you to help you hold the line, to give you honest feedback   
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