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Executive Coaching

The Challenge

Due to the circumstances of a merger, ECB found themselves encountering several competing priorities. These included:

  • The shift of production location whilst maintaining customer focus
  • Blending and building the newly merged team

During this period, senior management discovered staff operating in isolation and the evolution of an ‘us and them’ mentality. In response to this, management prioritised the focus of team collaboration and cross-functionality in order to improve work culture. It was further discovered that grey areas existed between staff and organisation expectations. Personal staff was unaware of the key results that they were expected to deliver from a corporate level.

ECB required a program that would:

  • Facilitate the transition of cultures within the current merger
  • Develop shared commitments between staff and corporate expectations
  • Continue to develop and build cultural unity into the future
The Solution

Dan Collins identified the need for the ECB Executive Team to clearly articulate and communicate the company’s vision and results, in both the short and long-term.

A set of day-to-day behaviours and habits were established by Dan in order to facilitate ECB’s continued team performance.

A unified understanding of accountabilities from both Executives and staff was established through skilled coaching & performance discussions.

Monthly Executive Coaching sessions were facilitated by Dan, which included the development of a Team Charter and Leadership Principles in order to grade and coach each individual Executive member.

Accountability training sessions were implemented to help reinforce ECB’s behaviours and habits, as well as developing the commitment required to achieve them.

A support system was designed by Dan in order for staff to submit feedback and receive coaching with middle management. This system was designed to increase employee engagement and results alignment.

As a result, ECB achieved three consecutive record months of sales and production in the last quarter of 2016.

As a result, ECB achieved three consecutive record months of sales and production in the last quarter of 2016.
The Results

The culmination of a 19-month journey has resulted in accountability filtering through the organisation – which is the foundation of a performance culture. ECB’s approach to implementing their new focus and vision, underpinned by executive coaching and training, has broken down silos and created a cohesive, solid working culture. Leadership evaluation and feedback has been critical to strengthening weaknesses in leadership skills, as well as setting standards that achieve a performing and accountable culture. Employees are experiencing effective cross-functional relationships, with the delivery and accountability of high standards both on individual and team levels.

As a result, ECB achieved three consecutive record months of sales and production in the last quarter of 2016.

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Why Dan?

Dan Collins believes that every culture is the result of the sum of the individuals involved; irrespective of title, position or hierarchy. Poor culture is a reflection of poor leadership, and poor leadership is the result of poor personal awareness and responsibility.

In response to this, Dan Collins works on all levels of the company to create a winning culture. Dan delivers the tough stuff that others tip-toe around, revealing his passion, heart and care and sacrificing comfort for results. His unique model establishes and aligns individual goals with company purpose. This in turn reinvigorates staff passion and performance, creating environments where individuals are motivated by the attainment of achievement and success.

Creating and sustaining a winning culture requires an environment that incorporates everything Dan stands for: passion, camaraderie, accountability and growth.


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