Executive Coaching
Why Executive Coaching?

Leaders & CEOs commonly have a set of tasks that are focused on the forward momentum of the organisation. They generally don’t have time to combat the day-to-day problems on the floor – problems that if left alone long enough, can wind up having a negative impact on the business.

Common problems leaders face:

  • Massive egos
  • Competing priorities
  • Individuals that place themselves above the team
  • Hidden agendas
  • Self interest

Executive coaching provides a dedicated process whereby the executive leadership of an organisation becomes equipped with the skills to handle day-to-day problems, ensuring the ongoing accountability and results of the company.

Exec. Coaching Solutions:

  • Determines cross accountability across the organisation
  • Determines the BIG 3
  • Determines the team charter
  • Creates leadership principles among the team
  • Determines cultural pillars
  • Offers alignment & cohesion across functional teams
The truth
about leaders…

Leaders and CEOs understand that the majority of the results they are accountable for are delivered through and by the teams that they lead. Generally leaders get caught up and focused on business as usual and the everyday technicals. However, leaders & CEOs generally get distracted from the stuff that matters too easily; namely the individuals that make their vision possible. These individuals perform within the team structures that make up the overall performance of the company.

Unlocking the potential of your executive and management teams is no easy task. Low levels of trust, unclear and unmet expectations, unaligned personal interest, ego and blame are just some of the challenges that face leaders in any environment. Although Dan’s “Coaching” program was developed for and proven successful within a worldwide elite sports environment, it has had immense success since being refined for corporate environments.

The Executive Coaching Program offers a challenging yet rewarding process. It ensures the required development of individuals and teams in order to maintain the intensity required to deliver results. It also focuses on embedding and maintaining attitudes and behaviours that are evident in all high performing teams.

The aim

The aim of the Executive Coaching Program is to create a coaching environment that welcomes forthright and robust communication through critique and feedback. This has been the bedrock of success within Dan’s coaching ability. The sporting environment generally welcomes honest feedback, whereas the corporate space tends to tip-toe around it. The feedback from the Executive Coaching Program is collated and evaluated, with the necessary changes being implemented by the CEO’s leadership team.

As part of the Executive Coaching Program, Dan incorporates a coach-the-coach component. This ensures leaders leave a legacy and build capability through their core leadership competency. The program opens up space for understanding, and provides the necessary skills to ensure executives improve not only their performance as individuals, but also throughout their teams.

Warning: The Coaching Program is intense, robust and results-driven, however it offers a clear plan to success and the formation of a long term winning culture. “As a result of Dan’s services, ECB achieved three consecutive record months of sales and production in the last quarter of 2016.”

“As a result of Dan’s services, ECB achieved three consecutive record months of sales and production in the last quarter of 2016.”
~ East Coast Bullbars
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Why Dan?

Dan Collins believes that every culture is the result of the sum of the individuals involved; irrespective of title, position or hierarchy. Poor culture is a reflection of poor leadership, and poor leadership is the result of poor personal awareness and responsibility.

In response to this, Dan Collins works on all levels of the company to create a winning culture. Dan delivers the tough stuff that others tip-toe around, revealing his passion, heart and care and sacrificing comfort for results. His unique model establishes and aligns individual goals with company purpose. This in turn reinvigorates staff passion and performance, creating environments where individuals are motivated by the attainment of achievement and success.

Creating and sustaining a winning culture requires an environment that incorporates everything Dan stands for: passion, camaraderie, accountability and growth.

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