Vision + Execution = Performance

Most leaders have a clear vision and the strategy required to be highly competitive in their field. However, challenges are commonly faced in the execution phase. This requires the ability to ground the vision on individual and team levels. “Performance Intelligence” and “A Culture of Accountability” are training programs that will ensure vision + strategy is executed effectively. Dan facilitates training in a ‘workshop’ mode. It’s a hands on approach that is proven to engage & grow your team.

Both training programs can be facilitated within a range of 3 hours and up to 2 days. They can be delivered as stand-alone sessions or as a co-ordinated approach. These programs will drive organisational change and produce a high performing, results orientated workforce.

Results & Benefits

Our training offers participants results in the following areas:

  • Individual performance awareness and improvements
  • Improvements in collaboration and communication improvements
  • Personal responsibility and execution on expectations
  • Unlocking individual and team potential
  • Greater skill execution

Your management teams will learn how to:

  • Manage pressure resourcefully
  • Set expectations and inspire performance
  • Coach for excellence
  • Influence others and motivate action towards a vision
  • Drive execution on key strategic deliverables
 Dan’s approach and coaching successfully integrated into the client’s top management and leadership development.
~ Woolworths
Training Programs
Performance Intelligence

The outcome is to provide the personal insight and training for individuals to overcome self-limiting barriers, unlocking their full potential and passion for performance.

Performance Intelligence enables deep understanding of how you use your natural gifts to create success in your workplace along with recognising self-limiting beliefs and attitudes in yourself. These are the first two key attributes of high performing individuals.

The remaining two attributes is being able to understand and enable workmates strengths and weaknesses, as well as harnessing the collective talents of the group to form high performing teams that deliver results.

Included within the Performance Intelligence training program is a 6-Part Audio Series, which is offered to the team to download and listen to as a part of their individual development. Listen to a snippet below:

Dan Collins
A Culture of Accountability

Outcome: Impart and train the skills, attitudes and beliefs required to deliver results and execute strategies while under pressure.

The single biggest determinant to success and achievement of stated outcomes is ownership of the results you’re achieving – good and bad. In Sport, Government and Business, leaders fail due to their management teams and individuals – the people they count on for the results they are measured on don’t follow through.

Dan has thousands of hours and experience in successfully developing high performing ‘Accountable Cultures’ in some of the most rigorous environments. Through a proven systematic approach, Dan can help any organisation install accountability. The results that flow from this accountability are then formed as an integral component of the daily work environment.

Free Download


+ Video (3:38mins)
+ PDF e-Book

Why Dan?

Dan Collins believes that every culture is the result of the sum of the individuals involved; irrespective of title, position or hierarchy. Poor culture is a reflection of poor leadership, and poor leadership is the result of poor personal awareness and responsibility.

In response to this, Dan Collins works on all levels of the company to create a winning culture. Dan delivers the tough stuff that others tip-toe around, revealing his passion, heart and care and sacrificing comfort for results. His unique model establishes and aligns individual goals with company purpose. This in turn reinvigorates staff passion and performance, creating environments where individuals are motivated by the attainment of achievement and success.

Creating and sustaining a winning culture requires an environment that incorporates everything Dan stands for: passion, camaraderie, accountability and growth.


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