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Executive Coaching

The Challenge

Due to an increase in competition, national supermarket giant Woolworths experienced a significant squeeze for margins. This resulted in a lack of sales performance, which in turn affected their share price. Woolworths also felt a squeeze away from stores, suffering talent drain to competitors. They were lacking in poor bench strength due to sub-standard development strategies, as well as a command and control culture. Leadership capabilities in staffing roles were affected by the squeeze and were being tested.

The challenge was to ride out the current storm whilst also re-establishing Woolworths towards a position of strength and growth in order to challenge the market again. Dan Collins was approached by Woolworths to help assist store management with the necessary tools required to sustain the current company climate and beyond. The tools incorporated the building of trust, engagement and accountability across the organisation.

The Solution

Dan introduced an Enterprise-wide Leadership Training Program, which was implemented throughout both the human resources and the State Executive departments. The training program focused on building habits that address attitudes and behaviours at an individual level, culminating in the influence of culture across the entire organisation. He presented workshops nationally to Leadership Teams to help them fully understand accountability and develop the key skills needed for leading teams to achieving a winning culture. Additionally, part of his coaching model was to meet individually with leaders to focus on individual growth around the Woolworths Leadership Principles. Due to the current Woolworths climate, Dan took a candid approach in challenging Woolworth’s leaders, saying what needed to be said in order to equip leaders for the tough path ahead.

Dan’s approach and coaching successfully integrated into the client’s top management and leadership development.
The Results

Dan’s approach and coaching was successfully integrated into the client’s top management and leadership development. Forthright feedback from Dan enabled “the tough discussions” to happen, confronting the reality of the tough environment through honest and open communication. This made way for a truthful assessment to be made, and in turn dealt with the barriers and challenges Woolworths faced. This was a significant step forward in awareness and the ability to respond correctly to the challenges faced and changes required to face market competition.

Short-term results saw an engagement increase between management and their teams. Leaders have increased awareness of how to inspire behaviours surrounding accountability. This in turn positively impacted the working culture with issues such as how to have skilled coaching discussions when performance is non-negotiable.

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Why Dan?

Dan Collins believes that every culture is the result of the sum of the individuals involved; irrespective of title, position or hierarchy. Poor culture is a reflection of poor leadership, and poor leadership is the result of poor personal awareness and responsibility.

In response to this, Dan Collins works on all levels of the company to create a winning culture. Dan delivers the tough stuff that others tip-toe around, revealing his passion, heart and care and sacrificing comfort for results. His unique model establishes and aligns individual goals with company purpose. This in turn reinvigorates staff passion and performance, creating environments where individuals are motivated by the attainment of achievement and success.

Creating and sustaining a winning culture requires an environment that incorporates everything Dan stands for: passion, camaraderie, accountability and growth.


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