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We exist to help Leaders and CEO’s create insights
and experiences for their teams to deliver results


Dan’s keynotes are focused on supporting the CEO’s and Leadership Teams key message to organisational wide staff through blending high performance experiences, life stories and jaw dropping insights that will leave your staff engaged, inspired and with practical tools to ensure a mindset of excellence.


Most leaders have a clear Vision and the strategy required to be highly competitive and lead their field. The challenge is to have the execution of your strategy by members of your  Leadership Team and Organisation. This will require “Performance Intelligence”  and a “Culture of Accountability” if you are to fully realise the benefits of the strategy through High Performance and reach your Vision for the Organisation.


Leaders and CEO’s understand that most of the results they are ‘Accountable’ for are delivered through/by their Executive Teams. Our coaching is a challenging process that matches the intensity required to deliver results at the very top levels through embedding attitudes and behaviors of high performing teams.

Our Process

1. Explore

  • Analysis & Review of individual and team performance against Vision
  • Opportunity to build greater results and deliver on strategy
  • Reveal boundaries, fears limiting beliefs
  • Examine Culture, Attitude Behaviors
  • Develop Situational Awareness

2. Inspire

  • Engage and excite through the communication of the vision – a clear focus on what important
  • Create the desire and develop the thinking that drives action
  • Create values, beliefs and attitudes required to reach the vision
  • Engage through the development of shared experiences at individual, team, customer and supplier levels to realise your vision

3. Achieve

  • High performance environment
  • Motivated workforce
  • Results oriented with a balance and understanding of people
  • Skill development
  • Performance intelligence
  • Accountability culture
  • Sales excellence
  • Innovation & improvement
  • Leadership excellence

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Our Happy Clients

Extremely good speaker, was able to rise to the challenges of our group and their “interactive” behaviour with speakers
  • It is essential that the individual level you cultivate habits that increase your teams effectiveness - no one has more passion and skill in helping you do this than Dan Collins.

    Gary PittardPittard Training Group
  • I enjoyed Dan's  Simple, clear messages. The most valuable take away for me was to focus on what is important and you will achieve it.

    Woolworths Area Manager, NSW
  • My most valuable take-away from the session -  3 things actually - trust = character + competence, responsibility and stop sitting in the 'loser' quadrant!

    Woolworths Area Manager, QLD
  • Good to reinforce Dan Collin’s 6 Principles for accountability as a reminder of good leadership practices.  Dan led the discussion very well, and relating to experiences, put his 6 pillars of accountability in context for business. Dan is a very engaging speaker and related well to his audience.

    Dr Andre van ZylExecutive Director of Business - St Paul’s School, Brisbane
  • Dan is an energetic, easy to listen to and engaging presenter.  Dan's stories of his own successes and failures were told in way that demonstrated insight and the ability to reflect and learn.  I enjoyed his "no excuse" policy and will take this back to my work place to ensure we do not have a victim mentality.  Dan created a comfortable group dynamic where some great discussion flowed.

    Lisa RennieGeneral Manager -Trilby Misso Lawyers
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