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Lasting Change

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Personal Potential

You are good at what you do, but you know there is more in the tank when it comes to your leadership and your team’s effectiveness.

You deserve to get help from someone who will tell you the truth even when it’s hard hitting.

It all starts with the process: a framework to have critical conversations.

Leadership Potential Unrealised

Dan Collins is an Olympic medal winner and four time Olympian who is trusted by companies across Australia for his expertise in developing a winning team and culture.

executive team coach

Our leaders have been given the tools for developing a high performance environment and challenged in a way that creates new ways of thinking to realise this.

Mario Rehayem
CEO, Pepper Australia

What You Get From Execute Team Coach

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We assess where you are and where you want to be. We develop a plan and we get to work.

Commit To And Implement The Plan

Create a team of motivated staff as we establish and align individual goals with your company purpose.

Create Winners At All Levels

Experience a culture of passion, camaraderie, accountability, and success.

Our feedback/feed-forward approach helps
foster interpersonal relationships under pressure.

We make it easier to deal with it when the shit hits the fan.

Providing you a safe environment to have those 
tough conversations.

Without help it’s all going to continue to fall on your shoulders.

Discover how it feels to be a leader with a team that is the envy of your industry.