Olympic Medalist, Speaker,
Trainer & Consultant.
Achievements & Experience

Athlete & Student

  • Competed – Barcelona Olympic Games, 1992.
  • Bronze Medalist – Atlanta Olympic Games, 1992.
  • Silver Medalist – Sydney Olympic Games, 2000.
  • Competed – Athens Olympic Games, 2004.
  • Numerous State & National Medals
  • Studied at Griffith University

Sports Administrator & Leader

  • AIS
  • World Rugby
  • Sydney Roosters
  • Cronulla Sharks
  • Manchester City
  • Brisbane Lions
  • Richmond Lions
  • Carlton FC
  • Japan Rugby
  • AIS – Australian Institute of Sport

Business Consulting

  • Countdown
  • Woolworths
  • Dan Murphys
  • East Coast Bull-bars
  • KT Cables
  • Fluid-Drive
  • Consultive
  • Ministry of Justice UK
  • Department of Immigration & Border Protection
  • Knight Frank
  • Bevmarks
  • Followmont
  • Pepper
  • Cronulla Sharks
  • The Executive Connection
A note on winning…

There’s no better feeling than winning. Delivering on expectations, achieving goals, executing skills and living out values. It’s the feeling of looking back on what you’ve achieved as a leader and team collective, as well as reaping the benefits of success. Simply put, winning feels fantastic!

This is what I’m all about…
‘Assisting leaders to create winning environments.’

I’m a management consultant who’s obsessed with taking that which is average and turning it into a winning culture. Through partnering with leaders, I implement the right programs where extraordinary results are inevitable.


Dan Collins.

From the sports arena
to the business world

Dan’s past sporting career has been the founding bedrock for the results he’s gained in the corporate space. Being exposed to and competing in four Olympic Games, including a range of various high performance environments has enabled him to identify the common characteristics in all winning cultures.

But there is one caveat that is inextricably linked to his greatest strength. Dan is down the line & rigorous, unafraid to deliver the ‘tough stuff’ that others tippy-toe around or just don’t have the guts to address. The benefits however, far outweigh any small amount of discomfort. Having a management consultant in your corner who creates passion, camaraderie and heart within the organisation is a driving force for executing a winning culture.

“It is essential that at the individual level you cultivate habits which increase your teams effectiveness – and no one has more passion and skill in helping you do this than Dan Collins.”
~ Gary Pittard
Pittard Training Group
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Why Dan?

Dan Collins believes that every culture is the result of the sum of the individuals involved; irrespective of title, position or hierarchy. Poor culture is a reflection of poor leadership, and poor leadership is the result of poor personal awareness and responsibility.

In response to this, Dan Collins works on all levels of the company to create a winning culture. Dan delivers the tough stuff that others tip-toe around, revealing his passion, heart and care and sacrificing comfort for results. His unique model establishes and aligns individual goals with company purpose. This in turn reinvigorates staff passion and performance, creating environments where individuals are motivated by the attainment of achievement and success.

Creating and sustaining a winning culture requires an environment that incorporates everything Dan stands for: passion, camaraderie, accountability and growth.


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