Building a High Performing Team Post-Close

  • Engaged within six months after the close to build and develop leadership and leadership team of a clinical healthcare company that had experienced significant organic growth to help grow a new executive team capable of executing an aggressive growth and acquisition strategy.
  • Along with the assessment of the overall culture and the individual leaders, including C-Suite and critical roles, Collins Consulting worked hand in hand with the CEO and Chief Human Resource Officer to problem solve on critical performance challenges, including filling, evolving, and critical roles, assimilating new team members and accelerating team performance.
  • Inclusive of post-merger integration.
Led by a first-time CEO experiencing private equity, the portfolio company emerged from a not-for-profit and operated with low levels of performance tension.

The challenges were twofold
1. creating a performance culture;

2. and integration of targeted mergers.

At the same time, assisting CEO build a new lean team that could manage and scale complexity of acquisition activity and tackle the next few phases of growth. With these combined pressures, the management team faced an inflection point where they needed to come together on shared team principles to be successful, enabled by cross-divisional commitments to systems and processes and KPIs to drive collaboration.


CEO coaching and executive team build​

Individual leadership assessment for development​

Top team and functional lead acceleration, including team culture profiles and facilitated performance sessions


Galvanized the management team around a common goal and developed team character​

Improved ways of working based on personality and problem-solving decision making styles of the team​

Coached and advised CEO to build leadership and communication rhythm that drove strategy via accountability