Case study: Non-bank lender invests in their people


Engaged by one of our long-term clients, from the non-bank lending sector, with a commitment to achieving significant growth over the next three to five years, we customised a leadership alignment process, specifically in support of their number one asset: their people. 

The client had recently reset some ambitious targets and growth strategies, but had some concerns around whether their leadership team was aligned with the new goals.

They had set in place an aggressive growth strategy and wanted their executive and middle management teams in total alignment, from a leadership perspective.

As their performance partner, we worked with them in reviewing their people and identified some significant opportunities for improvement. 


With the support of the CEO, a leader in the industry, we worked with the top 80 leaders to improve their focus, elevate their commitment and increase their leadership capabilities, in alignment with the organisations new performance goals.

More specifically, we needed to:

  1. Identify the necessary leadership principles to drive performance, whilst supporting and improving customer experience, and
  2. Integrate desired leadership behaviours to form new habits in support of the achievement of outcomes.


  • Established agreed leadership principles
  • Developed a solid understanding of these principles and the behaviours required to support them
  • Set-up processes in support of stakeholder-centered feedback and coaching


Post leadership alignment, the top 80 leaders are now united in their leadership focus and committed to achieving organisational performance goals. 

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