Paddling the Workplace Currents


My son, Jackson Collins, exemplifies mastery of his craft that comes with a commitment to excellence. Jackson’s reflections echo the importance of excellence in our journey.

Embrace Excellence.

This sentiment permeates Jackson’s transition from AFL to becoming a Sprint Kayak World Champion. His passion for paddling led him to the Gold Coast, where he currently trains under Men’s Sprint Kayak Coach, Jimmy Owens, at the National Centre of Excellence. Achieving significant milestones, notably winning the Mixed K2 500m event with teammate Aly Bull at the World Championships in 2022, and being a member of the Men’s Kayak 4, successfully qualifying the boat for Paris Olympics 2024.

Central to his journey is the concept of excellence – as a guiding principle, urging him to consistently strive to surpass what is his best now. For us, dedication to excellence is crucial in our efforts to tackle challenges and adopt a mindset of always striving for better. In the context of the workplace, being excellent sets the stage for doing really well, creating a culture where everyone strives for high performance, both as individuals and as a team.

Excellence is a shared principle, you don’t do it alone. “There’ve been quite a few people that have made a really big difference in my life,” Jackson acknowledges, recognising the role of our mentors and coaches in shaping one’s approach to failure and success.

This dedication sets the stage for workplace excellence, fostering a culture of continuous improvement that transcends the confines of any particular arena. The commitment to mastering skills and embracing a healthy relationship with failure creates an environment where excellence becomes the standard.

Looking ahead to 2024, make the commitment to adopting a mindset centred on excellence within your professional journey. The rewards for you and those around you are immense – a journey marked by achievement, growth, and shared success.

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