Scoring leadership goals

As we embark on grand final weekend for both the AFL and NRL, imagine if the coaching groups and leadership of each of the four remaining teams only addressed the playing groups once. 

Impossible, right?

There are so many touch points and micro-moments, covering various aspects, including roles, tactics, individual and unit performance, potential threats, contingency plans, integration, on-the-fly problem-solving, teamwork, attitude management, presence, handling distractions, pressure, external influences, background noise, logistics, and a multitude of other factors.

In high-performance environments, leaders must maintain daily, or even hourly, connection with individuals, especially when the pressure is at its peak.

High pressure = High support

We need to create micro-coaching moments. The more we ask questions and the less we dictate, the more effective we become as leaders supporting teams striving for peak performance and success. This approach creates an environment that supports a clear mind, fosters calm thoughts, and ensures your people maintain focus and are prepared to face epic challenges.

While the intensity of our work environments may not always match that of a grand final, the same approach will deepen trust and build emotional bonds within your team. It propels them beyond mere engagement, into deep commitment.

Furthermore, well-executed, high-impact micro-coaching moments, deliberately formulated by leaders, substantially complement a formal performance framework. From my experience, organisations excelling in micro-coaching see reduced levels of stress during formal conversations, as individuals and teams are able to move past it.

By guiding your organisation towards a coaching culture, you directly influence results, elevate team engagement, and promote individual performance well-being.

Organisations that build the micro-coaching skills of their leaders and implement a feedback/feedforward approach to conversations, will see improved outcomes and winners at all levels.

The dedication and precision of AFL and NRL coaching groups teaches us a powerful lesson: leadership is all about staying closely connected and offering support, especially in high-pressure situations.

Similarly, investing in micro-coaching abilities and nurturing a culture of feedback can deliver remarkable results for your team. Schedule a call with us today, and let’s tailor these principles to help you achieve the results you’re after.

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